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Submitting Articles to BPN

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The BPN Articles area is a place to share your writing with other members and the wider public. We hope you will find something you enjoy and, as part of our mission to “discuss, explore and expand upon themes and issues pertinent to body psychotherapy,” would encourage you to join the debate by leaving comments on posts you read.

We are always open to contributions from BPN members which our readers will appreciate and which are in line with the aims and values of the Network. If you would like to write something, please contact the editor at (ref. BPN Articles) with your idea, and please read our policy and guidelines for writers, below. You will be set up with a login so you can post your article. Once you have written for us once you will be able to post more articles as you wish - but please let Claire know first so we can coordinate posts.

The policy:

Who can make submissions: We publish articles submitted by BPN members.

How to submit your article: BPN members should send their first post to the editor We aim to publish within 48 hours of submission and you will receive your own login to publish in the future. Technical info on how to post the blog is available here . See particularly 'learn more about writing posts' under Additional Info).

Content: We publish articles pertinent to body psychotherapy. It is your choice as to what area of body psychotherapy to write about but contributions that are passionately written, and relate to a personal experience or to the news agenda, resonate best with readers. For example, you might want to submit personal reflections that you think will be of interest to your colleagues and/or the general public. You may want to share your impressions of an article or book you read, of a news item or podcast you listened to, or of a professional event you attended.

Length: We recommend the length of about 400-800 words. You can submit shorter or longer articles but this might need to be discussed with the editor.

Style: The writing style should be informal and easy-going. We are trying to encourage readers to join in the dialogue and share their thoughts and ideas. Personal stories are welcome, subjective views, feelings and experiences will make your contribution more inviting. Keep your language engaging and persuasive and think about what your target audience will be interested in.

Format: In order to achieve consistency in design and presentation, the landing page contains a quick and accessible intro to each article. This includes a headline, a picture, a short précis mentioning the author and relevant background, and a link to the actual article. We suggest you submit a short synopsis of your piece for the intro and a picture if you have chosen one (please make sure it is your own image or one that is free to use) to the editor before you publish. Otherwise, we will write the intro and source a picture to go with your publication. The landing page is managed by the editor and the intros are finalised by the editor. It will be possible to share your articles on various social media channels and there is a form for readers to leave comments.

Links: If you’d like to link to a particular report or website please indicate this in the text and include the url. When including links think about how they will appear within the sentence. Links should generally be highlighted words/clauses in a sentence.

Editing/proofreading: At present the articles are not edited or proofread. So please make sure to read and correct yours carefully before submitting. Please check your facts and link to sources where needed. We do edit any submitted synopsis for the intro on the landing page to maintain a recognisable style and a simple, clean format. We may change your title for SEO or clarity reasons. If you are not happy with our interpretation please contact the editor(s) to discuss.

Author presentation: Posts will include a thumbnail photo of the author and a link to their profile on the BPN website.

Spreading the word: We create a regular newsletter to go out to the Body Psychotherapy mailing list and further afield, encouraging people to look through what has been posted and click through to the articles. Please also help to spread the word through your own contacts and through additional channels.


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