About the Body Psychotherapy Network 

The Body Psychotherapy Network UK is a member organisation for therapists identifying and resonating with body psychotherapy as the core of their practice. It aims to provide a community, a platform, and a voice for body psychotherapy and body psychotherapists, recognising, celebrating, and promoting the diversity of trainings, experience, and practice, both established and emergent.


The Network was set up following the Body Psychotherapists Gathering on 11 November 2017 in London. Initially a forum to discuss, explore and expand upon themes and issues pertinent to body psychotherapy, it has evolved, following a vote by participants, to become a member organisation, offering its  members a means to network, share and promote events and trainings, and cross-pollinate ideas. It will host an annual gathering, and supports the hosting of regional groups and meetings. Members can create a Find a therapist profile and post body psychotherapy-related events on this website. 


How is the Body Psychotherapy Network organised?


The Network operates as an association, with a steering group drawn from, and open to, the membership. You can read the (currently draft) Constitution of the Body Psychotherapy Network (UK) or find out details of the current steering group below. 


How do I join?

To join the Network you should apply to the steering group by email to bodypsychotherapynetwork@gmail.com 


In this email please give us your contact details (email, address) and tell us about your trainings and give us a flavour of your practice. This might take the form of a short text which you could later use in posting your profile in the 'find a body psychotherapist' section of the website. Recognising that therapists come from a diverse range of trainings and backgrounds, the Network operates from a principle of inclusion, trust, and self-identification; however, we may ask for further information, and reserve the right to decline membership.

The Network is not an accrediting body, nor a regulator; however members may be subject to challenge if negative information about their practice comes to our attention. An annual membership fee of £15 is payable on acceptance.

If you would like to take part in discussions, via the Network’s google group, but do not wish to become a member, please write to us at the address above. 

Who's in the current steering group?

The current steering group members are: 

Adam Bambury
Anna Eraut

Danielle Tanner
Kate O'Halloran
Mahab Kazmi
Nick Totton
Tim Brown