Towards widening our ethical commitment

Susan Groves

September 2020

Are we doing our work to help our clients and ourselves, or should we “pledge our commitment and action towards healing our planet and our world”?

Prompted by her communication with colleague Syed Azmatullah, Susan Groves refers to the current UKCP guidelines and reflects on what the scope of psychotherapist’s ethics should be in the 21st century.

I sent Syed Azmatullah, a UKCP colleague, the draft of this article. He responded to it so beautifully I’ve woven his response into the article.

SG I solemnly pledge to serve humanity.

This was the opening phrase of a declaration read by health science graduates at a recent graduation ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa[1]. (One of my sisters was graduating, hence my awareness of this.)

The following phrase was

My most important considerations will be the health of patients and the health of their communities.

What I so appreciate about this is that it is not regarding ethical practice as being just about ‘me and my client’.

SA I love Sunday mornings, particularly sunny ones, when the world seems to be awakening into a calmer space, ideal for quiet contemplation and resting into reflective pieces of work such