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The Body Psychotherapy Network (UK) was set up following the Body Psychotherapists Gathering on 11 November 2017 at Resource for London.  Intended for any therapist that identifies or resonates with body psychotherapy who wishes to join a community to discuss, explore and expand upon themes and issues pertinent to body psychotherapy, networking, sharing events and training and cross-pollinating ideas.


To join the Network and be added to the Google email discussion group email to request to be added. 

To find a Body Psychotherapist view Find a Therapist.

View upcoming Body Psychotherapy Events on the events page.  To request an event to be added complete the contact form below with the details.  

In addition to the Google email discussion Group, there is a forum built into the website for discussions and explorations of Body Psychotherapy. 


'Follow' and receive a notification by email when new discussions are posted to a topic or group:


  • click on the three dots menu on the right-hand side of each group, topic or post and choose "follow" to follow that group, topic or post

  • write "@" plus a member's name to mention/notify that member in a forum post e.g @wilhelmreich - a dropdown will appear with a list of members after you type @

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